Welcome to TENKAICHI - the TOP award-winning Japanese BBQ Buffet Restaurant in Singapore that specialises in Wagyu Beef BBQ.

For corporate functions and events, contact us at tenkachi_sg@yahoo.com or +65 62934498 for enquiries!

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Our Chefs

With a combined experience of near 50 years, our chefs spent years in Japan honing their skills and fine-tuning their craft, developing a keen eye for the freshest produce and mastering the Japanese remarkable cutting skills.

Restaurants they have worked for:

Japan - Jojoen Yugentei, Samwon Garden Yakiniku, Yakiniku Gaucho, Yakiniku Kobosha, Izakaya Kitano Yado, Kirin City, Gyu Ann, E no Aru Machi, Kotobuki Enn and Uokaji Nipon Ichi.

Singapore - Yakiniku Daidomon (2004 - 2012)

The ultimate authentic Japanese Yakiniku awaits you at Tenkaichi!

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